Friday, 25 July 2014

HOME SWEET HOME: A 1950's House With Some 1950's Features


So I know ya'll dying to see inside the front door that is now our home - one that we actually first visited for an estate sale. So I thought I'd start off with some background and share some of the original features that are still to be found within. Built in the early 1950's, home was one of many built during the expansion of Detroit's southern suburbs just north of eight mile. Population growth came with the expansion by Ford of it's somewhat local, Highland Park plant alongside increasing racial tensions within the city and the post war boom.

Sixty years later and the house retains some of it's original features most obviously within the bathroom. While I love the gordy blue tiling, for many it would be a total no no. Considering the age of the tiling, it's in a really good condition - it would seem wrong to tear it down, plus it suits the house,  so we'll just be taking off the peeling wallpaper and repainting.


1950's bathrooms are recognized by their brightly coloured tiles on every wall, often in white, blue, green or pink and edged with a row of black tile trim. Bubble glass windows, black soap dishes and towel railings alongside somewhat matching floor tiling make up the final pieces of the bathroom decor.

Another typical feature of this era is the laundry chute into the basement (second photo down in this group) - although when they finished the basement ceiling it's now blocked but can probably be unblocked in the future. Throw in some original doors, hinges and door knobs, a couple of vintage tie racks for good measure and we're onto a winner. There's even an old workmen's table in the basement.

Door Chaute Ties

With owning a lot of vintage things - furniture, pictures, book and everything in between, having a vintage feel and backdrop in the house creates a great atmosphere. Everything feels like it belongs here a little more. While the old windows will eventually be replaced, I hope we end up being caring, loving caretakers to take all these original features into the future and maybe salvage and add some back in.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

BLOGGING: 5 Years of Thoughts About the Blogsphere


During that little blog break, I did a bit of thinking (not a lot because it hurts) about the whole blogging malarkey in general. What creeped into my mind? Well, everything from wondering if it was time to call it quits on blogging, why blogging is celebrated as being such a fun and loving community when on the other hand it can be as bitchy as a playground, to the role and position of blogging within my life.

As someone who is in her late 20's, out of her depth at times in another country, a wife, now with the chores of keeping up a house, with bills to pay, things to explore and working for myself, it's hard to balance everything and run a blog - which is why for me at least, this will always be just a hobby - one of many.  Yet July rolling out marks the 5th year of this space. A space to share my experiences the good and the bad. From being a student to being a Yorkshire lass in Michigan. Over five years you start to notice things. 

Like all the drama of the last couple of months, be it people bitching about each other on certain forums to twitter. Then on the other hand people declare with glee the sense of community. Not that I want to be a Debbie Downer, but there's no balance. It just doesn't sit right - if there was a super tight community, why would we then take to shamming and tearing each other apart? Agreed not everyone does this, but we always seem to find fault with each other - love hating big or small blogs, those who undertake sponsorship, those how do or do not comment, return comments and the like.

While blog chats can be a great source for networking, sharing ideas and meeting like minded people. Sometimes they all seem to be telling you to blog a certain way - you have to be in it for the money, you have to have a fancy camera, you have to be do, this, that and never ever this. Blogging seems to be full of far too many rules, especially for what is for many, a hobby. With pretty much a three week break from blog chats, I can't say I've missed them, in fact I've grown a little cynical about them.

There's too many follows for follows, too many unfollows when you don't return the favor (especially on twitter), too many comments purely left to spam a link. Where has the sharing, the commenting, the sense of pride we have in ourselves and the wider blogsphere gone? We always seem to pit ourselves against each other - the big verses the small blogger, those who accept advertising and those who don't, the younger verses the older blogger, the hobbyist verses the professional.

Blogging shouldn't and for me won't be about blogging x amount of times a week, it's not about begging for followers to meet a milestone, undisclosed sponsored posts and the like. Don't get me wrong I love blogging, I love the friends I've made through it, I love having my space to type and share - but like I mentioned previously, blogging for me is just a hobby, like cross stitching, crochet, gardening, collecting vintage stuff.

What about you? What keeps you blogging? What are you loves and hates about the blogsphere?

Monday, 21 July 2014

LIFE: The Small Things #7

Flower Magnolia

I probably should try and make these things posts a little more of a regular feature. Mainly because they give a much better snapshot of my everyday life. They come to feature the things, the photographs that you might have missed on twitter or might not otherwise ever appear on this blog. They come to cover the everyday, little events, the day to day happenings that come to make up my life.

Enough of the rambles - here's my list of the recent little things;
  • Reading - the first book I've picked up in months - black lake, pretty good so far 
  • Watching - Frankenfoods - were they mash up two foods you might not necessarily consider eating together - certainly a show for some giggles 
  • Trying - some Pinterest inspired home made bird feeders - if any bird(s) actually use it, it'll feature on here eventually 
  • Eating - tasty BBQ food samplers at the Ferndale's Pig & Whiskey (a BBQ and whiskey festival) this weekend and some yummy peach crepes from the Original Pancake House
  • Pinning - lots of ideas for making the garden bird, bee and butterfly friendly
  • Crafting - not so much - my craft box still needs unpacking
  • Going - back to using Saturdays for hitting estate sales, it's been too long!
  • Loving - owning a house, just because
  • Hoping - to get back into my work routine without being distracted too much by the garden - but after finding that I have at least one teeny tiny bar of wireless signal in the garden, maybe i'll work outside more often
  • Enjoying - some caramel flavored moonshine
  • Listening - to Weird Al's, just because
  • Thinking - and wondering why people are still letting fireworks off, two weeks since the 4th of July ...
  • Finishing - my office come craft room decorations, it'll be a work in progress for a while (need to work on storage/shelving) but finally have my vintage advertisements and postcards on the walls. 
  • Finding - that hanging picture frames is a pain in the behind
How are things with you?

Thursday, 17 July 2014



Where better to start talking about the house than in the garden - probably because there was never any boxes to unpack so I don't have to hide them away to snap photos! Having been in a one bed apartment with no outside space to call our own, I've been dreaming of trees, plants and having a little veg plot since god knows when. 

We didn't want a huge garden - mainly because of the upkeep and luckily we scored gold. The previous owner clearly lovingly cared for their garden - we've inherited numerous, even if somewhat overrun raspberry and blackberry plants, lovely sweet peas to poppies (sadly flowered for the year) to lilies. There's even a wonderful magnolia tree in the front garden which happens to sit right in front of my craft room - perfect!

dscf8030a dscf8026a

Being in the full sun, we're managing to pick off a breakfast bowl of raspberries daily, yet they are a little overrun and will need putting into place next year. The same area - behind the garage, is also where we're planning on attempting our little veg plot. Key word - attempting.

Towards the back of the house there's a large wooden deck surrounding which, is yet more raspberries and oh so much wild garlic all shaded by the age old Maple tree that stands proud in the middle of the garden.

Where there are a lot of shrubs, grasses and bushes the garden is sadly lacking in color - and with our hope to make the garden super butterfly, bee and bird friendly along with an English cottage feel, that's the mission to work on for next year starting in the fall with hopefully planting some bulbs for the spring - thinking tulips, crocuses and daffodils.


Until then i'll be pouring over some gardening books methinks. No doubt gardening posts will become a steady feature upon this blog from now on especially as I start to tackle and make it our own.

Exciting gardening adventures to come!